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Good morning,
My name is Teresa and I am new to the forum, have been reading but have never posted.

I am hoping someone can help me. Does anyone know where you can find cheap t shirts. There is a screen printing place near us that does shirts for $3.00 per shirt. I just do not see how that is possible they would have to be getting the shirts for next to nothing

Please help
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Hi Teresa,

Welcome to the forum. I recognize your name from the dtg forum Brian runs.

Anyway, screenprinters buy their shirts in bulk (several cases of 1 size) at a time so they get good pricing.

Also, the screenprinting ink cost is less than .10 cents per ink color so even a multiple ink color job would probably be less than .50 cents. Using that .50 cent ink costs as an example if they get the shirt for $1 and the ink cost .50 cents if they marked up the cost of $1.50 (1 time) it comes to $3.00.

DTG Printers cost more for ink but where you have the advantage over a screenprinter is that "you don't" have to burn screens. (It's labor intensive) to do shirts by DTG method.

Also, the screen printer usually charges $20-$25 on average per color for screen charges which is in addition to the $3 shirt price. You can offer multitple colors without screen charges as it takes you no more time to "print a 1 color job" as it does a 6 color job.

Just my 2-cents
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Hi Printchic
I am a brother user, but I do also have a screen and pad printer. The company that has these shirts for $3.00 is NOT charging a setup fee. I just do not see how thet can make any money at that point, this was for a 4-H club so there were not many shirts involved, and my friend that bought them from this place says that all of their shirts are dirt cheap. I guess I am buying my shirts from the wrong place.
Any tips on where to get shirts from other than Sanmar etc.

How has it been going since you got the new machine, do you have a website? I have been trying to figure out who to go with on an ecommerce site, any ideas?

Have a great afternoon,
Forgot to ask is anyone going to the SGIA show in Vegas in September
would love to put faces with the names.

My name is Debbie . I have done Screenprinting and Vinyl Signs before in the past .I have give it all up and stuck with the transfer type . I am going to be doing heat transfers again and just tring to get all stuff back together. Has anyone ever used Color Laser Printer to make transfers. I am going to give it a try . Plus you can find places that ship and sell tshirts by the case or single . But always cheaper by the case . Hope to get to know all in the future. Debbie :)
Hello. No need to respond to this.....just trying to figure out how this forum works!

Welcome aboard & good luck to you in business!
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