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Hi Everyone,

A buddy of mine and I are in the early stages of attemptintg to start our first online t-shirt venture and we're hunting for some ideas--and, of course, answers to our many industry questions. Yes, we're neophytes here, but with some decent ideas,,,and what, I think, is a pretty strong vision. Time will tell.

To give you an idea, our concept, though a work in progress, looks to create, manufacture, brand, and sell vintage-style t-shirts created with a bit of college humor. Made for the eternal (and, yes, young at heart) party-goer, our ultra-soft cotton/polyester blend garments will (hopefully) be ideal for a summer night out, whether painting the town with your buddies, or getting down at the beach, where a clever t-shirt slogan get can lead to a good conversation and...if you're lucky, well, you get the point.

We're interested in a variety of issues from web site design, to marketing, to overhead costs, to software options, so it's likely we'll be around for the long haul.

Looking forward to sharing with you (though not too much, of course) and brainstorming.

Here's to the future and the start of bright ideas.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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