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Hi all, I am just starting out in the T business, still deciding between DTG and screen printing. I currently make bags out of recycled and reclaimed fabrics. Really excited when I came across this forum. Hope to talk to some of you soon. :)

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Custom printed t shirts and caps are good ways to increase
any retail gift shop, offset printer, copy shop or recreation
oriented businesses profits. Heat transfers are a good choice
to get started and are ideal for business at home.
First thing to do (and sometimes the hardest)
is to find a reliable supplier of stock (ready made) transfers and a
supplier of custom transfers. This allows the retailer to print
a wide array of composites (combining a stock transfer with
a custom transfer thus localizing and personalizing the image
also called "name drops”). Another lucrative area is athletics.
Team names and numbers both of which can be “gang printed”
(more than one image per transfer and then cut apart).

One advantage of transfers is less risk than printing shirts that you may
not be able to sell (who knows what sizes, styles and colors will sell?) and
the added advantage of small quantities for local small business.
This gives the ability to offer low cost on initial orders for small business
and have extra transfers on hand for repeat orders. This is also
good for repeat orders from events and family reunions.

Even most direct printers do not like to (or are not able to) print caps.
Cap prints can be gang printed on one sheet, quantity limited
only by size of the image. Getting started requires a low initial
investment (shirt press and cap press can be purchased for around $1000).

Happy shirting!
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