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I'm not sure exactly how I stumbled across this forum, but I spent most of the morning reading threads that pertain to what the company I work for does.

Long story short, the company I work for is owned by a husband and wife in AZ, and they've already spent thousands of dollars on equipment and we've got quite a nice sized workshop and office area already set up.

We've got a great setup for dye sublimation with an Epson 4800 and accounts through Conde, Johnson, and Starline. We also own a 60W laser engraver, and have recently purchased an AMAYA xt embroidery machine as well. And I almost forgot, we've also got a roland GX-24 vinyl cutter.

We currently market our company as providing complete personalization service, and we offer banners, t-shirts, sublimated gifts, engraved gifts and all sorts of things. Unfortunately, we're such a small company that even though we may provide some great services and offer excellent products, its hard to bring customers in and show them what we have to offer. Since we've gone ahead and purchased the embroidery machine already, I figure I might as well start putting my focus on apparel decorating.
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