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New to the business.. Have a few questions about Stahl products

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Hi everyone,
Let me start off by saying I am not in the t-shirt printing business, I run a large website and logo design company in NJ. I have a retail location and we are very busy in the website design side of things, however companies ask all the time if we do any custom shirts which at the time we haven't ... So we went to a trade show that was in AC today and looked at some of the printers there thinking we would offer this as another avenue of business, especially with our prime retail location.

I was going to just start off with something simple, a heat press ideally.

1. What I can't figure out is this. Why would someone drop 20k into a DTG printer when they could just grab one of these presses and spend 2k-4k? Is there something I'm missing here. lol... What is the main difference between the two?

2. The display people at stahl basically said it would be best to order the transfers from them, ie. we have a custom design needing to be printed on a transfer, is this normal if you do custom work would you buy your own transfer printer, or order the custom transfer?

3. What kind of money is in this industry? If you are successfully selling how long have you been doing this do you do it out of your house etc.

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To answer your question about heat presses, transfers, and DTG. First you need a heat press to use either form of decoration. Second, each have their place in the market, transfers are a great way to do screen printing with out all the mess in your own shop, you order the transfers and heat press them on the garments. You can do from a single color to a full 4 color process graphic. This is great for doing about a dozen to about a hunderd items and price is based on qty, amount of colors as well as quantity needed. After about a hundered items its more cost effective to just sub out the screen printing and let a screen printer put the graphic on the garment for you. DTG is a process of digitally printing a full color graphic on a garment. After the image is printed it must be cured by heat and this is were the heat press comes in again. Also a DTG must be run every day or so, or you can have head maintaince issues, costing more money. If you just wanted to print something every now and than I would not do a DTG. I hope I answered some of your questions and concerns
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