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new to the biz

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is it a good time to come out wit a new hip hop tee shirt line and how many should i be selling to do good and whats a good price for out of the trunk selling and should i spend money on tags and hang tags when i first start
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Hi Don, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

If you have original designs, then it's always a good time to start selling :)

How many to be doing good depends on you. Some people are fine with 1 sale per week as a side hobby, some have to have 1000 sales per month to pay the bills.

What price you should sell at would depend on your market. I'm guessing you've seen people sell out of their trunk before? If so, were they selling pretty well? If so, how much were they selling for? That could be your starting point (look at your competition and see what the going price is).

You don't *have* to worry about hang tags and custom labels when you just start out, but it can make your particular line and designs look a bit more professional and maybe help the buyer see you as a "real" business. People have made sales just fine without both.
Tags and hangtags are probably overkill for trunk sales. Tags might at least make the whole product look a bit more professional, but hangtags run the risk of making it seem a bit too professional (and therefore that in order for these to end up being trunk sales they must have fallen off the back of a truck, so to speak).
Would packaging make a difference with trunk sales? Say, my supplier sent me 50 t-shirts in my designed packaging. Would that help with selling them from a car trunk or for smaller sales? I'm asking because I'm still considering shipping some t-shirts and products to friends in Melbourne so they can sell them and give me some market feedback. But I've also got someone who's making me packaging designs. Thanks.

I think things like that can always potentially make a difference, but it's a matter of investment vs. return. In my opinion those kind of extras would be more or less lost in that kind of situation, but I haven't tried it myself.
Well, my supplier is based in China so the cost will be low for packaging and the packaging product designs are being made for no-cost to me. If they come to me already pre-packaged then it makes sense to sell them even out of a trunk or at a shop stall with the packaging. I won't be looking to charge a higher price to cover the cost of the packaging I imagine anyway. I'm also thinking about selling them with custom labels as well. So in effect they'll have the appearance of a retail product but for a much lower cost. Obviously for internet sales nice product packaging makes a difference. I'm still learning about the product life cycle...


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