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New To T-ShirtForums Saying Hi

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Hello All,

I ran into this forum site searching for a place to purchase quality inexpensive blanks for my side shirt business. I'm a professional graphic designer in Boston and have recently started designing/selling hand-made shirts in my spare time. I must say I was blown away by this fine community and it's valuble resources! This is just the type of place I didn't know I was looking for!

Anyways, I have lots of questions, hopefully a few answers/opinions to lend and definitely an enthusiasm for the graphic t-shirt business. I hope I end up fitting in. Thanks for having me!

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I'm sure you'll fit in fine Kurt. Welcome aboad and glad you finally found us.
Hi Kurt, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

There are lots of places to buy blanks wholesale if you have a resellers permit (sanmar, ssactivewear, alphashirt.com, etc)
Welcome to the forums Kurt! When you say handmade shirts..what do you mean, just curious as to the different processes people are using?
Thanks all for the warm welcome!

Josh, when I say handmade I simply mean heat transfers that are made to order. I come up with a design (mostly 70's based pop/nostalgia), and then offer it in all sizes and a variety of colors mostly on eBay (but that has changed due to the fact that you can only list ONE shirt per auction... they want me to list each shirt size in individual auctions). I buy my FOTL blanks at the local Walmart for $3.97 a piece, and transfers equal out to about $2 a piece plus whatever ink cost (a few cents) and I usually get between $15.99-$19.99 per shirt. I also custom diecut my designs in order to look more impressive instead of cutting "blocks" or "squares".

I do well because I can offer all of the colors and sizes because they are made to order and I don't buy shirts until the orders come in, but my inquiry here was for XL Black shirts, which I move the most of. I definitely need to buy those in bulk.

I also intend to inquire here about transfers and other people's experiences with them. I've tried a few kinds but keep coming back to the same ones, Avery Dark Fabric Transfers. Sorry, I'll address this in the proper thread instead of here.

Jeez, sorry for the long winded answer! Good to be here!
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Hey, there's no such thing as a long winded post here. Fire away, you should get some real good responses on everything you're looking for if you post em' up.
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