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New to screen printing

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I'm new to all of this including this forum but I need some help! I bought a ranar 4 station 4 color screen printer recently and I just finished building it. But I'm having a problem with my screens.. my screens are either sitting at a slant above the platens or can't get low enough to the platen to print with it. I've adjusted everything multiple times but not much is changing. Am I lacking on the registering or could it be something else? Thanks! - Jeremy
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I don't have a Ranar, but all press are much alike.

Slant ... there is a control (somewhere) to change the tilt of the head. Sometimes this is two bolts near where the head connects to the arm. You loosen both bolts, one is in a slot rather than a round hole, so this allows you to change the angle of tilt. Some presses have a knob on the head for this adjustment instead of the bolts through the arm/head joint.
That's my first, and best guess.

Very unlikely, but might be the stops that the underside of the arms bump against when all the way down. I hesitate to mention this since these are set at the factory and changing them would just make everything much, much worse if that was really not your problem.

Note, screens often angle a bit up or down because a frame member was rotated a bit when the frame was made. When you stick that end of the frame in the head and clamp it down, the angle of that member's rotation will be applied to the frame relative to the head. This is normal, and why there is a tilt adjustment on your head.

Best advice, sleep on it and take a fresh look on a fresh day before doing anything drastic.
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