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Hello. My name is Ken. I'm 48 years old. I've been out of work since March and have not found a new job yet, so I figured it might be easier to start a business than it is to find a job. I bought a 4-color manual table top press, CorelDraw X4, a wide format printer with RIP software, a 25X36 exposure unit and a 16X16 flash dryer. I have never screen printed before, but I've been intriqued with the industry and thought, 'What the heck!' So far I've picked up 2 jobs (1 done and paid (2-color front print) and one to go(1-color front print with logo print on 1 arm)). I'm just starting to figure out the basics of this crazy business and look forward to learning much and meeting those of you who are willing to contribute your vast knowledge and experience. I'm sure I'll be asking for help, advise and support as I move forward.
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