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new to screen printing help me get started

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droids wip by ~Peterwright1234 on deviantART

these are some of my drawings im trying to print shirts of (they havnt been fully cleaned up or leveled in photoshop) . ive got some speedball fabric screenprinting ink and im about to go get a nortech 155 mesh count prestreched screen. im printing manually with a hinge clamp press. will i be able to achieve prints that stay faithful to the original drawings (detail wise)?

also if im printing a white background for these on red gray and black shirts, do i wait for the white to dry before i print the black on top of it? -peter
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You have some nice designs.

You should be able to print a one color with the setup you described.

But you won't be able to do more than one color.

It would be helpful to visit a screenprinting shop or watch some online videos to get a better understanding of how the multi color process works.

Hope that helps.
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even if the registration doesnt matter? im not sure why i wouldnt be able to do it besides registration would be difficult but im thinking of doing just a flat white frame so the images will show on colored shirts. im going to buy a big screen so i can fit both the image and the white frame on it. ill use the same screen with two stencils is what i mean.
If the registration doesn't matter,
then go for it!!

How are you going to cure the first color ink?
well thats kind of what my second question was. do i have to fully cure by heat setting the white before i print the black on top of it? if thats the case i guess i could just put the white backgrounds from two different images on the screen, print them, and by the time they are dry i could have the two black images on the screen ready to print.
do not fully cure the first color
Just try to the touch is good

do the final cure after the second color is printed
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I'd watch out for that 2nd image, those characters are copyrighted and I dont think you would want to be sitting in a room with the Lucas lawyers...
im not doing huge runs of these. just enough to sell at street fair type events and to friends. the worst they would do anyways would probably be a cease and desist order or whatever.
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