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New to printing. Set up opinions wanted please.

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Hi I am new to t-shirt printing, but am looking at buying a setup for work to cut costs on printing.

I am looking at...

Epson B1100 A3 printer with CISS unit, drivers and profile with a Swing away 15"x12" Heat press (will this do near enough a3?).

I will also be buying Inks, a3 sublimation paper, teflon sheets and cleaning fluid. Any recommendations on these? What are the potential problems with getting less expensive supplies?

Any comments, recommendations, tips etc are greatly appreciated.
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what are you going to be printing? 16x20 press gives you more options. we use refillable carts cheaper and lots less hassle. have 3 wf 1100, and looking to buy more, even though they don't make them anymore. cleaning fluid? anyway get some pro spray, helps with blur's. got anymore questions e-mail me lakeshoregraphics@COmcast.net . good luck uncletee. Oh welcome to the forum.
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