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New to prinitng what t shirts to buy??

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Hi there, im relativly new to t shirt printing, i print using plastisol inks, was wondering if there was a certain type of t shirt to use for a better result.

im currently looking for white t shirts, as i think there a good place to start.

ive found some pretty cheap ones, but not sure if there cheap for a reason or not.

i found these ones on ebay


if you think i should stear clear please let me no. or if there a bargain likewise.
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the best thing to do is to open an account with a supplier like Alpha, San Mar, Bodek & Rhodes, etc...

Gildan makes a good t-shirt and is one of the industry standards, and they are priced right.
Good respond Drue, that why I would have said. LaTonya
thanks for the advice fellas, is it not worth buying a msall amount from ebay while im practising?
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