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Hello all,
I could really use your help and advice! So a little about us. My wife and I started a small printing business called Emmpressed Printing. We named it after our son Emmett Preston, so its a play on words. Our website is Emmpressed.com. So we are new to the business and started up last September. We are currently using an Anajet Sprint printer. Now we are displeased with the printer and it seems to have a lot of problems. We do order precut thermofilm and other vinyl from Stahls when needed for customers. Well it is time for an upgrade. I think I would like to get a vinyl cutter instead but am afraid of limiting myself. So what equipment do you use? Should i look into a print and cutting machine? Also as far as Embroidery we were looking at the Brother 1000e entrepreneur but not sure how fun that would be if we recieve a large order that only does one shirt at a time. This last order we recieved was 288 shirts front and back on black shirts. This one shirt at a time took forever with the anajet. Advice please! Thank you very much.
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