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New to heat pressing

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Hey guys. I am just starting to get into the use of heat presses. I started out doing vinyl decals, then used the vinyl to create stencils to do screen printing, switched to the use of emulsion, and now in need of a heat press for names and numbers on the backs of shirts. I am looking at two different presses. I will only be using them for names and numbers as I will also be using my screen press for front designs. The two presses that I am looking at are: the Panther press from bestblanks Hix Heat Press, Heat Presses, T-Shirt Press Machines, Heat Transfer Machines, Heat Transfer Presses IN STOCK! and the 15X15 press from pro world Starting a T-Shirt Business is Easy with Our Heat Press Startup Kit.
Which one would be the better fit or better recommendation?
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The Panther press is only 9 x 12 and is a hobby press. The 15 x 15 Transpro is more durable and would be a better fit.
Don't but the cheapest! A GOOD press will set you back 800 1000. You won't be sorry!
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