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New to heat press and rhinestone cutter

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Hi, I am new to the forum and new to the heat press business. Just bought the I-designR Lite and the silhouette cutter. Kinda wishing I had looked here first. I want to cut rhinestone templates for names and monograms. I was told that I could use any of my truetype fonts, but I'm having trouble converting fonts to single line fonts so that I can use them for rhinestone lettering. I don't really want to have to buy new rhinestone specific fonts. I've found a lot of info on other software that I didn't buy. Could use some advice.:confused: Thanks
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I'm also new to rhinestones. You need a single line font if you want to place the rhinestones on a single line. TT fonts are not single lines but I've been told that engraver fonts are single line.
The other option would be to open a TT font in a graphics program, I use Corel. Then you can do a center line trace, do a little editing and you have a single line font. I've played with doing this on Corel and it's time consuming, not as quick as just typing.
Forgot to ask...can't you get help from your software techs? If they told you that you could use TT fonts have them show you how.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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