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New To Dye Sub Questions

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Hello All,

I am looking to branch out my screen printing company and get into full sublimation printing for sports jerseys, and sweatshirts. I currently do spot dye, and understand how the process works.

My questions before purchasing any printers or machines are:

1) To print full dye jerseys & sweatshirts do you need to cut & sew or are there blanks full blanks for this? If there are full blanks have you ever came across issues with white gaps on the sides or under arms of these blanks?

2) Based on a Epson SureColor F6200 or a comparable printer was is the cost per shirt/jersey/sweatshirt for print alone?

Thank you all in advance for your help!
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The only way to avoid gaps/voids is cut and sew.
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Ink is cheap for the big boy printers. Name brand ink is around 115 per liter off label is even cheaper. Rolls of paper is not expensive as well. Dye sub blanks are not cheap and it is very labor intensive doing one shirt at a time. The real expensive piece is the giant heat press which start at around 10k and then shipping plus wiring.

best of luck

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