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Hello everyone,
In all my years of printing I haven't had to take a job like this yet, but I really want to take this job as it will open a new avenue for me as far as clients and I'm already marketing to a very niche market.

I'd be interested in simulated process to keep the neon/fluorescent look to the colors, but I unfortunately only have a 4 color press so I think the only way I can do this design is 4 color process.

The questions I have are:
1. Will 4 color process printing work for this design? I'll be printing on a white substrate.
2. Do 4 color process inks work on 100% polyester garments? Can't see it being a problem, but curious as to people's experience.
3. Does anyone have a recommendation for plastisol Process inks? I don't have any so I will need to order some.
4. Can I add a low cure additive to the Process inks (I will be going with Plastisol process inks)
5. Do i need to get 305 mesh for this design or can I pull it off with 230 mesh?
6. Any tips or tricks for separation I should know about? I'm hoping to use the Advanced Tshirts Simple Seps Raster to do the separations and I'll be outputting through Filmmaker V4.

Thank you in advance.


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