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new to business, need tips to get better quality!

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Hi there, me and my bro have got into this business and we're new to all this, we could really use your help, but i believe before you can help us, you would need to know about what we have, we have purchased a heatpress, and we use Ricoh GX7000 with sublijet R ink installed.

we print on sublimation producst (such as dog tags, bags and etc), which are of different types such as Metal, Fabric, Wood, and etc.

i would like to ask about all the main and important aspects of all this, for example how important is the pressure of the heat press, or its temperature, the paper we use, time that the product stays in the heat press, and how the papers are printer

we have printed on wooden coasters many times, we did manage to get it right at some point and we got a very nice result (we printed using Ricoh 7000 V1.15 software, using GelSprinter on sublimation paper [true pix] 200c for 70 sec) but when we tried the same thing a day later with same settings it didnt look good.

we also get very poor quality on other things such as t-shirts and mini-car sign and etc.

what do you think the problem can be? is it the printer, the settings we use to print, the temperature of the heat press, the heat time it stays in or it's presure?

if you have any tips and advices we would be very pleased to hear them, and if you need any more info, please do let us know.

thank you very much for your help!
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I would try checking the temp of your press it might be inconsistent get one of those infrared probes not a gun those aren't accurate
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