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New Technology-Looking for Discharge Transfers

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I am looking for discharge transfers. Ok, before I get dogpiled with naysayers, only 20 years DTG was only a dream!

SO, has anyone heard or seen anything discharge based or that would have a similar outcome on dark fabrics?
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No, I have not seen or heard of such a thing, but it is an interesting idea.

One thing holding back something like this might be the short lifespan of the chemistry involved. ZFS itself is stable as a crystal/powder, but in that form it cannot act on the garment. Once mixed with water it can act on the garment, but then has a short shelf-life. The trick would be developing a chemistry that was stable and nonreactive until heated, and then only where ink had been printed.

Even so, the penetration into the fabric would not be as deep as screen printing with discharge ink, so the valleys of the weave may still present problems, especially when stretched.

Still, it is an interesting idea.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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