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New T-Shirt Website Started

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I've been searching this site for information for a few years now, but have never posted. I am a graphic designer who loves vintage graphics and logos and have slowly started a website with a few designs. I am adding more designs as time and money permit and am getting more serious about marketing my brand. All my products are made in the USA and screen printed with water-based ink. Any feedback is welcome.
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Hello Scott,

Looks very good! Like the image of the shirts with the designs on it. The price point is on the high end but I am used to the daily tee sites. If you are charging 24 I hope it is a high quality shirt.
Hiya Robert, just want to say I love your site shirtbattle!
Hi Robert,

Thanks for looking at my site. All my designs are screen printed with water-based inks on American Apparel shirts. I am creating a brand that consists of an all-American made quality product with an environmentally friendly production process, hence the larger price tag. With the Magic Bolt brand the designs are closely linked with the production process, so not sure it fits in with your site as it looks like you use a different production method. Like your site and thanks again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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