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I have been working on this idea for a while and would like some help and advice. I want to start my own small label for brazilian jiujitsu we have some really nice funky graphics and want to go about making some shirts and rash guards.
I want to start off small and use MrSite as my on line store. I want to produce small runs at first say 10 of each design and colour and size short and long sleeve as well as a short and long sleeve rash guard.

But as its a bit of a cottage shed business at the moment we have an apple mac and a pc but we are not sure about a printer and sublimation paper and getting a really bright colour from the print as some I have seen look washed out.

We are also trying to find a good source of shirt suppliers who will sell small quanties as most seem to be large 100 plus shipment...

We are trying to start very small have have all but no budget so can you advice us.
thanks :confused:
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