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New Start @ New Business

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Hi there,

Greetings to all.

Short intro about myself, just 15 minutes ago planning with a friend to startup our own t-shirt business. Got our own domain and now working on our business plan to obtain some extra funding to roll out the business immediately. Did some research and some reading on this forum. It's do helps a lot and now, all we need is to register our own company's name (our country law).

Currently, still a long way to go on getting everythings done hence will move step by step and do hope that anyone from here willing to share on anything (idea, support etc) feel free to drop a few sentence here. Would appreciate much on that.

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Welcome abaord!!!
Welcome! We are here if u need us, jusdt be there in case we need u! SMILE!!!
Thanks all and definitely will seek for advice in future. Currently working on the website and the store renovation. Anyhow....the vendor of the tshirts making me headache.

Shall ask you guys soon if can't solve my current problem.

Thanks once again.

[email protected]
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