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Hello all,

I am new to this forum and new to sublimation printers, heat presses and inks as a whole.

What I am looking for is a recommended sublimation printer, heat press and inks to go with it.

My goal is to produce sports clothing from rolls of material.. yes that is correct starting from scratch from the print to sewing to final product.

Any help would be so grateful!

Kind Regards,


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If doing rolls of material, you're going to want a rotary heat press, which will press the fabric from the roll.
You'll also need a wide format printer.

Find out what sizes the fabric rolls you want to use are available in, and then you'll need to source a rotary press bit enough to take those rolls. Your printer doesn't need to be as wide, so do what budget allows, although ideally you will want it as big if you can afford.

You can get sublimation printers which have the heat press stage built in, and even ones which will print direct to the fabric so you don't need to use transfer paper.

Depending on your printer choice, could inform your ink choice, as a few printer manufacturers have their own wide format inks for their printers, and will then have some type of warranty available, either included, or as a paid extra depending on level of service required.

We use old Epson 9600 printers with InkTec SubliNova ink, along with a HeatJet 43 rotary - both just over a metre wide, which limits the rolls of fabric we can put through as a roll, as most rolls are 1.5m. But we mostly print on a piece by piece basis so put the fabric through cut to size.
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