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Shirt Groups is now open and ready to get down to the nitty gritty of t-shirts from buying, designing, selling to promoting. This site was created for everyone who enjoys shirts a chance to come and learn but also a place to hangout and have fun. For shirt sites and store owners you will be given the chance to promote your shirts here for the whole world to see! We have several ways you can increase the exposure of your shirts here at Shirt Groups.

Submit your tutorials and grand opening announcements to be included in our archive. We will only except well written thought out announcements to be included in our sites content. For every approved submission you are allowed to include text links to your site. This will be a permanet link which you can update and use to promote your site. If you already have a site but have either made some new changes such as the layout or if you have recently added some new items, let us know! Submit your stores press release to us to be included. Use the same format mentioned above for the grand openings and tutorials. Submitted items can be ranked by forum members and guest. We are also accepting faq's and how to's about anything shirt related. Just as stated above, you will be given complete credit and also a text link of your chose will be included in your article(s).

Shirt Goups also has a link directory devouted to nothing but shirts links. If you would like your site included, just add your link and site description in the approprite catagorey. You must link us back at our homepage http://shirtgroups.com to be included. If you add your site to either our Shirt Directory or Toplist you only need to have us linked on your page once.

Shirt Groups Blogs: Shirt groups will give every member who joins their own blog. Blog features: Displayed page views, blog ratings, calendar, configurable links and much more.

Join our Toplist ranking page for even more exposure. You can add your site and let guest determine your ranking. You can add your site description, the link to site and a image.

Myspace: Join our myspace page and be seen! Visit our myspage page at: http://www.myspace.com/shirt_groups

Other features include a message board forum system set up for shirt lovers to get together and communicate. As the members grow so will the sections of the forums. We do not have any strict policies at the forums so everyone can loosen up and enjoy themselves. Members who continue to display inmature behavior will be banned though.
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