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The site is nice enough, bright & cheery, easy to navigate.
I like 'I wear black cos i'm fat'. as for the rest, i don't get them, especially the 'gay' one. Perhaps i'm not the target market.

Free marketing. It's going to take a lot of reading and a lot of hard work, legwork, trial & error. No one easy way I'm afraid. You could read up a bit on what others have done right here in this forum. Lots of helpful tips, get a good pencil & notebook ready and you'll fill it up in two days.

You could try
- blogging
- linking to other people's websites/ blogs
- leaving constructive comments on other blogs/forums (not spam!) and attach your URL in your signature
- Facebook, possibly, yes
- Telling all your friends, family, etc.
- Get them to tell others
- Tradeshows?
- Wear your own t-shirts everywhere
- You are your best walking advertisement
- Make your friends & family wear your t-shirts everywhere
- check that you have business cards in your wallet before you leave the house
- Sponsor events, participate in charitable causes etc. (this isn't exactly free though..)
- learn to talk about your business & passion without over doing it (if you talk about it too much, people will get sick of hearing about it)
- Be genuinely interested in other people & what they do.

Just off the top of my head. Everything & anything is worth a try. If you're not gonna pay money, you'll pay in time and energy. Start here: T-Shirt Marketing - T-Shirt Forums
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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