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new site and designs! Feedback please!

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I recently overhauled the web store portion of my site.
I used the bigcartel platform... it makes it easier to manage payments, but a little harder to customize.

If you have a minute to look, please check out my store and let me know what you think. A lot of the designs are new too, so feedback on what you think about them would be great too.

Here is the link-
Thread Clothing — Products

any help, constructive criticism, comments are very much appreciated!!

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I like it, simple, clean, and nice designs.
But what about your return policy, privacy statement.
As a customer I would like to know, before ordering, if I can return an item, and all the details.
What marcelolopez said.. but also. I'm new here and the t-shirt business so I haven't heard of bigcartel yet. I guess all I can say is I like the models and the shirt designs are cool too - they look good!
i like the style of the site.

i did notice that when i hoover on one of the links it "shoots down" below my screen. that might not happen to all, but might annoy some. maybe the ""shooting downward thing" can be made to adjeust to screen size or have it shoot down just a little and have the others "pulled" up to make it stand out.

Also the scroll feature is slow imo. its not bad if i wanna look at everything you have but if i know what i wanna see i'll have to wait. maybe have a manual override feature for it if someone wants to do so.

Just some thoughts.
i dont like that you cant zoom to see a larger pic. I usually like that with t-shirts because i like to take a closer look at the design

I dont like that there is not a breadcrumb trail.. If you dont what what it is, it is a small list of links that show as you go from page to page.. theres on on this forum.. loook up and see where it says
t-shirt forums > t-shirt selling > e-commerce site design

This makes it easier for customers to get back to where they were without using the BACK button on their browser

I like your designs and product images.. very nicely done

When you go to checkout, it brings you to paypal.. cant you customize the header of your paypal checkout so it doesnt give your yahoo email address and instead has your banner??
perhaps im mistaken but i do believe that the model wearing the green and the purple shirt is an actual American Apparel image. they say you CAN NOT use their pics...

just a little FYI
Yes, and I see that the other models are from the Continental site. I don't know how they feel about that kind of thing. You might want to take your own photos of people wearing your shirts
yeah for now I chose to use the models of the blank companies that I buy from. I don't figure they are going to notice a little site like mine... I intend to have my own photo shoot relatively soon.

Aside form that.... what does everybody think of the designs...? and the overall look, feel, and function of the site?
I like the overall look of your site, and your designs are cool, too.
How has everyone else missed this...
Thread Clothing?
Sound familiar?
You even used the same exact font from their logo?
I'd save myself the lawsuit and start over with something that is your own.
so you are accusing me of ripping of their brand name?

I have been selling clothes under my company thread clothing for the past 2 years. When I named my company and designed my logo I had neither heard of thread clothing nor been to their website.

there is no correlation, no need for me to "come up with something that is my own"... because thread clothing is my own, and there is no reason for you to even accuse me otherwise.

I find it pretty rude of you to simply accuse me of something like that when you know nothing about me or my company.
perhaps he is just gving you advice that with their millions of dollars you might want to give up the fight b4 it starts... unless you think you can take them in the legal system
i doubt that they are just gonna sue me.... im not too worried.

and considering that the word "thread" is pretty closely correlated to the clothing industry I doubt that it would seem to many people that my company name was derived in any way from theirs. Not that they have the restricting legal right to the word thread by itself in the first place.

for now I will go on with business as usual under the name that I have... Im not gonna let silly bureaucratic details worry me too much at this point.
fair enough... I just read the post as someone trying to help another business owner (who asked for help)

Best of luck
I was just saying that even the font used looks almost exactly the same as Threadless, and they are probably the biggest online t-shirt store. If your store ever got big enought that they noticed, it doesn't matter if you could win a legal dispute because they could cost you thousands in legal fees just to do it.

Sure they won't care now, but if your company because a competitor.. Its like saying "I'll be fine, I won't ever make it big anyway".
in my opinion.. your site looks like every other bigcartel site with a nice banner.. I do like your banner a lot.. but i think you can have a nicer site.
besides all the slagging off you're getting, the site lookes clean and it was easy to navigate through your order. I say sell untill you get sued!! :)
I, too, have been in a situation where I had a line with a name similar to a much more established one. In my case, I opted to drop the name and go with a new one, even though I came up with the name without being at all aware of the other guy. I'm actually still using the name, but for a line of greeting cards, not t-shirts, and I think that's fine. I wasn't afraid of legal trouble, I just didn't want potential customers assuming mine was derivative of the other guy's just because he was more well-known. In your case, though, I honestly think you'll be OK. First of all what you are doing and what Threadless are doing are very different, as they don't have their own line but sponsor a contest for indie designers. And I agree that the word "thread" is so generally related to the industry that they can't really own it. In fact there are probably a bunch of other t-shirt businesses with the word "thread" in their name. As far as your logos being similar, I personally did not notice that. It's hard to say what the general consensus of customers will think about it, though.
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