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New Rotary Press Set Up

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We got a fantastic deal on almost new 63" rotary press on Ebay (only £500) and only used once, and then stored for 10 years.
Assuming it was only used for the one duvet cover we were told about (it does still look unused) is there anything we need to do to run it in - are the felt belts good to go, or need running at temp for a while, to shrink in a bit? anything else to consider?
We have been using a 43" rotary for past 5 years, which was well used, and good to go and never really had any issues to think about us needing to do anything.
We did a load of fabrics through the new one today, which printed ok, but there were stretch/crease marks in a >>>>> kinda shape in the direction of the press running, which we've not seen on our smaller unit. For the most part this wasn't an issue once the fabrics were made into products, except for the poly-velvet we print which didn't come out so well with the thick pile showing the V pattern quite noticeably.
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