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I am splitting up my former thread that was titled,,,,,
...because it included "lists" .......

I just got off of the phone , literally, with HYATT and was informed that in about a month an even NEWER VERSION of IRONALL for DARKS will be released.(i am assuming that "in about a month" literally means IN ABOUT A MONTH....End of SEPTEMBER.

It will address the problem of "color retention" !!!!!

The woman was very informative and helpful.....I am now going to wait to order .......

Have any of you "big guys" heard anything????


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Hi Mrs B, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I moved this post out of the forums.

The reason why it was moved was because of the question about future products that may be coming out in the future.

The problem with the posts that discuss future products is that they usually just encourage vendors/suppliers to post about their business and what they plan to stock. Basically, it invites the type of post that we don't allow here (self promotional posts from vendors about their products or websites).

Another issue with "future products" is that the discussion about the product before it actually comes out usually only builds up a "buzz" for the product, which is like advertising before the product even hits the market.

When the paper is actually out, then there will probably be lots of posts from members who are buying the paper, announcing that it's out, testing it out, posting results, etc.

But before it comes out, there's not really much anyone can *do* with the future products.

Another way to find out the same information would be to contact some of the "big guys" or sellers directly via email or PM to see if they have any more information. That way if there's important information you need, you can get it directly from the source.

I hope that makes some sense. If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

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