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new proud owner

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i am now the proud owner of a working blazer express, setup was done by the local distrobuter (wonderful job) and the next day i am printing my first order of 300 dark tshirts, so far the only open items i have are the the programs user interface could do with some work and that the white printed on a black tee look gr8 after printing but turn a dull grey after the press but i was told and hope the white should get better after 30 - 50 prints.
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That is interesting about the white I have never heard of that, anyway welcome to the wonderful world of DTG printing and glad to hear everything is going good
Welcome to the club :) I have not heard of the white ink turning grey either. It sounds like either you need a heavier coat of white ink, or you do are not pretreating correctly. It should not change color though, that is for sure. I have been printing for well over a year and I have never had my white ink turn grey. I cant see that printing more shirts is going to make it get whiter. It sounds like its a issue that you should be able to solve now :) Maybe we can help :)
thank you all, i have been printing on kornit machines for about two years now, on the tjet i use a heavy underbase and as recomended ithe print settings is set to 1440 photo. when i look at the white the kornit output and compare it to the tjet the kornit white (on black tshirt after cureing) is much more vibrant, ill call the support now to send me a tech person.
I was having that problem with my t-jet 3 and the cause for my machine was that my black ink was too full and contaminating my white, which of course makes a grey. I had to flush the lines to fix it. I also flushed my capping station with the syrings through my waste tank which took alot of the grey out as well. Just my 2 thoughts lol
Yep, make sure your color bottles are lower then your white bottles
just to start off i love my blazer express, we even named her :)
he issue with the white color we had went away when found in the fastrip set up the underbase options settings (with heavy underbase in the artist) vibrant colors on black tshirts is directly affected by the settings so we are still experamenting with that, when to use cartoon 1440 or 720, vibrant and so on) so alot of tweeking work still ahead, im printing a large order on white shirts and all is well so far.
ill have to start a large order on dark tshirts soon so ill keep you all posted then
One of our staff people has made up an "Idiot's Guide" to using the FastArtist / FastRIP software for printing light and dark garments on the T-Jet printers. It's a free download and I think you will find it very helpful for using your Blazer Express. You can get it at:
EZ FastArtist / FastRIP Guide

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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