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Hello everyone !
My name is Scott, 45, and operating in beautiful Encinitas, CA.
I purchased a 4 color, 1 station Silver Press from Ryonet a few months back and am trying to learn the business. I have watched 100+ hrs. of "how to" videos and have done much experimenting.
I have printed 25 or so one color shirts to great success, with a few "oopses" in the beginning.
I am using Plastisol inks, homemade squeeges, and have set up a halogen work light exposure table.
So far, I have only traced line clip art and retrieved text from online to make my designs.
I have much more to learn, I hope all of you can help !
My intention is to market my own designs as well as make company logo shirts.
Thanks for reading......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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