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New Pressure Washer.. Oh yeah

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Ok I havent cleaned my own screens in around a year and a half, but I remember what it was like.

I just bought a brand new Gas pressure washer off of craigslist.
260$ for a 6hp Briggs thats 2900psi.
2900PSI, man what a treat.

Seriously, if you havent already, get a good quality washer. With just emulsion remover, I got out all of the ink /ghost images, and it was ready for degreasing.

My old washer I had to do four steps.

My 2 c!
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Nice... I love craigs list. i will be looking on there shortly for another pressure washer myself.
Some mofo stole mine a few days ago.
Oh No!

well keep checking craigslist, Ive heard stories of guys seeing their bikes on there and getting them back!

Good luck!

{I used to kep my electric in the basement, which a bunch of people have access to, but Ill be packing this gas beauty up the stairs when im done!}

A washer makes a lot of difference.
I bought a little one, for $69 at Home Depot, I keep next to my wash booth, and it is essential for my shop.
I keep and extra one, just in case.
I had a decent electric one, at 1750 PSI, But wow, I would never go back down that low.

This thing is magical for cleaning screens, and getting out ghost images.
I picked one up for around $100 at home depot. It's electric and runs about 1500psi. It gets the job done. I remember scrubbing out those screens as hard as I could while using a sponge on my hands and knees. Those days are loooong gone now. Thank god for water pressure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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