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New POD player announced - Yerzies

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We announced a new print-on-demand company today called Yerzies. What makes us different is our huge array of embellishment options including:

1. Stitched Designs: Tackle-twill lettering you can see on the screen.
2. Pressed Designs: Metallic Foils, Flocks, Glitters, etc...
3. Direct to Garment Printing: Including dark garments.

Users can buy 1 piece or sell their creations to other users. We're in Beta mode at the moment, but we encourage members of this forum to check us out. Feel free to contact me directly with any feedback or comments.


Scott at Yerzies
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Hi Scott, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

I clicked around your site after reading Adam's blog post about it. I like the options for print on demand mixed-media designs on your site. Good to have you aboard the forums here :)

If you need feedback on your site layout, we have a site reviews section of the forum here:


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