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New Piece of Equipment

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I just picked up a used (new for me) conveyor dryer for $800 bucks.its a little buddy 24 inch dryer....real nice condition..check it out here -----> https://www.facebook.com/InkedAppar...2019963.114483.400191690007444&type=1&theater

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Nice deal. That will get you started and is better than curing with a flash.
no doubt...curing with a flash slows me down to a crawl......this will help speed things up a bit.


I'da snagged it in a heartbeat when I was lookin - shwooped this 24" Vastex 240v tho.... can't say I'm disappointed.


I was curing with flash too.... jumped up to the conveyor, and ditched the coil flash for a radiant. Happy times ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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