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new person with questions

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So happy to have found this board a lot of my questions have been answered already but I have more...
I am making shirts for infants and toddlers (transfers) I have been sellings them out of the house for a few years but now a few stores want to sell some now-exciting. I have been buying shirts all over the place on sale on a job by job-shirt by shirt basis . Now that I am selling with consignment at a children's boutique (she is getting half) I need to get thrifty in the shirt purchase. Where do all of you get your infant/ toddler shirts from? It seems like American apparel is so expensive for each shirt... (Is there a specail deal if you sell shirts with AA) Any other places for the infant toddler shirts you can recommend. I want long sleeve lap shoulder onsies and regular long sleeve lap shoulder t's. I want nice quality.
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I recently bought some toddler clothing from Staton
And San mar my regualr supplier is getting into this market also. www.sanmar.com
Lou (Badaou) And welcome aboard..
I recently painted some onsies (short sleeve)for a friend and found it was cheaper to buy from Target or Walmart than from my wholesaler, they were gerber brand and about $8.00 for 5 of them.

And San mar my regualr supplier is getting into this market also. www.sanmar.com
Yep, Bella clothing has a nice line of baby/toddler clothing. I saw some in person at a recent tradeshow. Nice colors and good quality.

:welcome: from rema

Have you looked at continental clothing they do some baby and infant items

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