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New online t-shirt company needs artist

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I am in the process of setting up my own online t-shirt company.

I would like a graphic artist to design my artwork

Theme would be similar to the attached

I am based in the U.K

Can anyone recommend someone for this type of style?



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hello, I am a professional shirt designer.
I can provide my portfolio if you want.
I am a shirt designer with 4 years of experience.
I can provide some of my sold artworks to you.
if you are interested, you can contact me through [email protected] thanks! :D
What you are looking for is not a designer, but an illustrator. Mainly the difference comes in the draftsman skills required to produce your work effectively. Hit me up at [email protected] and we can discuss rates for this sort of work as well as what your needs as an apparel producer are. I can also shoot you over a few examples of work that is similar that I'm producing right now.

sorry it took me so long to answer but I can do your job.. see my portfolio at www.art4tees.com. I work pretty cheap, fast, always answer your email prompt and never quit until I finish the job.. most designs are in the $50.00 range.. again go see my portfolio and talk to me direct at [email protected]


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