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firstly, your site should be simplified and mimic what people are used to/easily make purchases
i started by clicking the top design images to assess your product pages, and nothing happened (even the shop spring went nowhere)
so ditch that whole section, and then have a single section underneath that is an infintie scroll of all your products

finally your footer at the bottom and a much smaller, more concise 'about us' (1 line, 2 lines max)
you can have a dedicated 'about us' page with more info in the top menu (speaking of menus, you don't need that 'browse by style' menu + lose the horizontal scrolling 'featured')
~ the body of the text itself maybe should lose the 'looking at so many shops we were missing...' and stick to what you offer without bringing others into it (highlight your uniqueness and let your personalities shine forth)
~ ditch the 'made to order in our facility', sounds like you run a dickensian child-labor sweatshop (i.e. losing your personal caring touch)
~ your logo is all lowercase at the top, and then you scream it in all caps in your about us, keep it lowercase and add quotes to it

your designs have a pasted on top look, you can make it look like a more finished wysiwyg product for your customers
i have a free t-shirt mockup here (you can also do your own on any product with the free gimp, info here)

if you are looking for a tagline, how about 'let your little light shine'

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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