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Hi folks! Checking in from Milwaukee, WI. Beer, brats, and bikes pretty much covers the local culture. I hope to pick some brains here for knowledge and ideas. Who knows, maybe I'll be here long enough to be the one giving advice to the newcomers. :)

Found your site with a google search. I am looking into making some custom shirts or having some made. I have found the best way to learn what your options are for a project you know nothing about is to ask the folks that love doing it! I hope I found the right place.

So I'll post my questions in the appropriate forum.

Thanks, Bobby
Hi! I'm in Wisconsin too. :)Just beginning to find out about things too. I'm an artist that wants to put my designs on tshirts. This forum is a great place. It's nice to meet another Wisconsin person on here. I wonder if there are others...
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