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Hello eveyone, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I was super pumped when I ran across this site, "it all started with a google, tagless t shirts search", now I'm hooked. I've spent countless hours looking at tons of stuff, and feel I havn't seen anything yet! So much information it's great!!!
A little about me, I'm in college for Marketing, with a pretty strong hand in art, and learning graphic design on the side" slowly and steady".
I decided to take the little I know and jump into this head on."It's ok, I have swimmies". My Dad had an idea for a t shirt company name and I had it Trademarked"in a few months hopefully the government says I can reserve it:) ",which in itself has been intresting. I got some silk screening equipment from my grandmother" a 4 color table top machine, with some screens", and been learning how to screen. Luckly it's not as hard as I thought having done4 solid designs on shirts. I'm doing small runs as I go, learning as I go, and screwing up as I go.
On top of all that happy stuff, I'm trying to set up a cool/different/hip/ website with a friend. Any pointers from anyone, for anything, that will save me headaches down the road, will officially become my hero.

thank ya much,
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