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Good Morning everyone. I am so glad I happened across this site. I have been a stay at home mom and full time care provider for my mother for the last 7 years. My daughter is a senior and when she graduates her social security provided by her father runs out.

I have decided it is time to find something to do and make all the mistakes necessary in my learning curb during her senior year with the hopes that I will be making enough profit when she graduates to continue to be able to provide care for my mother while working from home.

During a search for shoes for my daughter prom dress I found a pair that had been blinged out on the heel and bottom of the shoe. I wanted them for my daughter but they where $330.00. I decided I would try to make them myself. I did, after that I was hooked.

I started purchasing rhinestones on ebay just to see what was available and what I could do with them. While looking through some pictures on pinterest for more ideas I saw a blinged out bottle, and decided it would be a perfect gift for a friend that is a chef so I made that.

During all of this I have figured out I can not make any money by doing everything by hand. So now I am looking for a method to get started with. I have a few friends that own businesses that will allow me to have items displayed in their stores. I am thinking about purchasing The Rhinestone Worlds major league starter kit. I am trying to convince myself to only purchase the minor league started kit just to see if it is something I can make
money with to purchase the major league.

Another issue I have is that I have spent over $500.00 going crazy for rhinestones that are too big for the kits ss16 and ss20.
I have told myself that I must sell them before I purchase any kit, but since it is a conversation with myself, I believe I will be over ruling myself today.

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