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Jus wanted to say hi , I am a new member and also new to the business. i am trying to start a t shirt business and had some questions i needed to ask.
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Hi I am trying to start a t shirt business and am having problems picking a heat press. 1st should I go with a 15x15 or a 16x20. I having been leaning more towards 16x20 but want your opinion. Also what heat press is good to start with. Is it ok to go with a used one or should i go new. I like the maxx presses but have not really seen and feedback on them. Also like the his ht400. But found a stalls m/mpc16 used on ebay that caught my eye, any knowledge on this unit. Please respond soon , want to get business started asap.
If you're wavering between a 15x15 and 16x20, then definitely go with the 16x20. I've heard plenty of people say that they wish they had a bigger press but I've never heard anyone say that they wish they had a smaller one.

MAXX presses are great quality. They're made by Hotronix but are missing the swingaway like the Fusion and the auto open like the rest of the Hotronix line.

If you buy a used press, be sure to take a temp gun to check it out and make sure that it has even heat distribution on the upper platen.

Oh, and welcome to the forum! :)
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