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Hi all. Have started a promotional products business. Anyone know anything about logo studio and thier people. I know one of their people jumped ship at Press A Print before they went out of business.

Looked into Printa, but not for me. I found they get less friendly if you don't buy right away. Just my opinion.

Any thoughts or ideas on logo studio would be appreciated.
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I didn't know Press-a-Print went out of business. I almost bought into their stuff a few years back when I was first looking into starting a business. But they were so far overpriced it was insane. I've never heard of logo studio before. There's another one called Print-a-Press that sells business franchise type things and pad & screen printing equipment & supplies. Do you have the equipment already or are you looking to purchase the equipment from one of these companies? You might also want to check into All American Supply (see left of screen under vendors).
Thanks for your time. No I have not made the leap into anything yet. Still looking for something I feel comfortable with. So far a little leary of packages that promise the world. Not sure they have MY best interest or just selling equiptment I can buy on my own. PPAI membership seems the way to go for any printing business.

You hit the nail on the head about the business kits. You will pay an outrageous price for something that you can get on your own for a fraction of the cost. For instance PaP had a business kit of a pad printer and a screen printer with inks, chemicals, etc. everything you'd need, a few blanks and their membership for something like $21,000. I bought a pad printer, a vinyl cutter, screen printer, all the chemicals, inks, and related equipment, software, printers and some blanks for under $10,000.
Yep, when they started pressuring me to sign on the dotted line for lease payments on the equipment of $1,600 a month I put my foot down and told them to leave me alone. I didn't know they had gone out of business but that really doesn't surprise me. They were so overpriced it wasn't funny. The man's biggest mistake was telling me I could get the equipment online on ebay and just buy the business membership from him for a mere $11,000! That's when I went online and started looking for equipment. And that's when my eyes were really opened!

I have never used the pad printer though. Finding blanks for it is nearly impossible though there are a few companies that sell blanks without those enormous minimums.
new in forum,
nice to find this forum!!!!
Nice to have you here too, evita.
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