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hi folks
very new to this so please excuse me
my name is richard and i own my own small personalised garment company .(mr-teez)
we trade from just 2 market stall and a small amount on the internet
i am fairly new to printing and would really appriciate any advise .
i am not very good with illustrator or programs like that that send to my cutter plotter.
is there such a place where you can buy templates that you justsend straight to cutter rather than me make them
many thanks in antisipation
p.s. look forward to spending many hours on here

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hi richard,

cadworx comes to mind.
i don't know if it is free though.

it is a web-based designing center with many pre-made designs that you can customize and the great thing is when you are done it is cutter-ready!

welcome and good luck!
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