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Hello everyone,
Like many of you out there, I have been reading and learning about this T-shirt/imprinted apparel phenomenon for about two years now. I have been impressed and also grateful for those who have offered their valuable and insightful comments to help those of us new to the business to get going in the right direction. During this time, I have developed designs for three different websites which are quite different in theme. I plan to offer shirts via the web as well as to local individuals and businesses.

I've gone through a number of phases as I have been learning. Initially, I planned on having an inventory and fulfilling orders online. Next, I planned to purchase a DTG printer to eliminate the need for inventory and to give me more control over the product. Most recently, after some self evaluation, I have decided to find a local printer who uses the DTG format. I am woefully non-technical and realized that I would have considerable difficulty keeping a DTG machine functioning given the current state of the art. I look forward tobeing a part of this exciting community.

Rich (from Boston), but soon moving to LA.
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
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