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New Member with priceless Knowledge!

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Hello Everyone-

I am brand new to the forum and was actually just looking for someone to buy wholesale sublimation products from (for resale as fundraisers, etc.) I came across a post in my search from someone wondering about simply-sublime.com products. I worked for them for a number of years and can answer pretty much any questions you have from suppliers, to the tricks we used for transferring! Please just ask and I'll be happy to help any of you out with whatever I can.

If anyone is interested in wholesaling sublimation products please let me know and maybe we can work together on some fundraisers!
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What are sublimation products? How would you use them in a fundraiser?
Sublimation is a process in which you use heat to fuse ink into a product, such as polyester t-shirts or special coated items. We have done fundraisers in the past where you buy personalized cake pans, golf towels, garden markers, picture frames, etc. There is an unlimited amunt of products you could personalize with the sublimation process. I was hoping to meet up with someone who had the equipment, as it is very expensive to purchase. And I do not plan on making a business out of a few size projects.
Thanks for the info. We only have a basic silk screen printing set-up. Sold the cap press and the press that did 3-D items. Sold the 8 station/8 color press. Trying to sell the rest. Any one out there need any screens? We have over 300. All wood frame.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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