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New member who wants to join the biz

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Hi everybody!
I ironed on my first T shirt with walmart transfer paper on an old white V neck last night.
I have a few questions....
Am I allowed to sell T shirts of my design to students on my high school campus?
Should I get a vendors license?
What is the best transfer paper to use with a normal iron?
What is a good low budget heat press i can get once I make some money?
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Welcome to the forums!
Were are you from?

The best entry level press would be 250 bucks a sunnie don't go with one on ebay you wont like the results..... here is the link for the sunnie
Digital 15x15 Clamshell Flat Heat Press (Free Shipping) [HP4801] - $249.99 : Sunie.com, Leading Provider of Signs Equipment.

I don't know of any iron on transfers that work because I have never used them...
I am 15 and sell to kids at my school....
Also I don't have a license But I plan on getting one very soon
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hey thanks so much man. I'm 15 and planning on selling to my school lol.

Any tips on marketing to highschoolers?
How much do you sell for?
Well I market thought facebook page! And i sell for 12-13 whatever I freel like that day... to friends i do like 10.... but make sure your making atleast double profit.. i spend about 4-4.50 per shirt then make like 6-7 bucks profit per shirt.... its decent...
sweet man.. i was thinking to sell to my friends for 10 and if they bring me people i'll charge them 12 and give 2 to the friends. i'll try facebook also. (btw I like your style)

last questions... do your shirts crack and fade very badly? should I consider ordering my designs as plastisol instead of just printing them?
nope mine work fine! i use jpss with pigmented ink! ive gotten over 10 washes on my original test one no fading at all.. i have even bleached it...
But i use a comercial heat press.... you have to be willing to invest a few bucks before you make any...
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