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Hi everyone.

I am happy to finally join all of you here at t-shirt forums. I am Seth Levinsky the CEO and Chief Short Guy at Shortees Inc. You can find us at www.originalshortees.com

We are the only company producing t-shirts specifically for men 5'8" and under.

A little background information on myself and the company: As you can guess I am short, 5'5.5" to be exact (don't forget that extra half inch). And like most other short men experience, shopping for clothes is a nightmare. I am not a huge bodybuilder but I am in good shape and usually need to wear a size large. I happen to need a shirt that is closer to 25-26" in length where most manufactures produce large shirts that are 29-31" long. Their solution to the problem of shorter men is to tell us to buy smaller shirts. Well even their mediums and smalls are usually 28-29" and will not fit over my shoulders. Even my fellow short guys who have thinner builds then I do find the shirts are far too long.

After many years of frustration I decided to solve the problem myself and started Shortees. Our shirts come in two lengths, 25" and 26.5" and regardless of what size you get (small, medium, large, XL, XXL) you can get it in one of those two lengths. We do not change length with each different size.

A pet peeve of mine for years has been customer service. I am so tired of being aggravated by the lousy excuse for customer service that we all put up with. One of my major commitments in starting this business is to not just sell great fitting shirts for shorter men but to also provide great customer service. So if you send us a note there is a good chance you will hear back from me and I will be making sure your question is handled properly.

We are located in California and primarily sell online. We are always looking for great retail partners who would like to carry our shirts and would love to hear from you also. We can also provide shirts to printers who would like to be able to provider our specialized sizing to their customers.

Please check out our site and drop me a note if you have any questions.

Seth Levinsky
CEO / Chief Short Guy
Shortees Inc.
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
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