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Hi all - This site looks to have an amazing array of information. I have always wanted to be involved in the t-shirt industry, and recently decided to dive in. I have several brands and associated product ideas, and after surveying, I will be seeking to learn how to find quality stylish tshirts and imprinting techniques to produce pre-school children's shirts for one of the more popular kid-friendly character I am developing.

If anyone wishes to point me to the right locations for such t-shirt wholesalers, who are suited to work with a true small-scale upstart, I would appreciate the direction and guidance to such providers. Such a provider would ideally be US domestic (Texas-based all the more convenient) with the capacity to provide a bit of education and offerings on the best-suited application techniques for the art work for these t-shirt.

Thanks in advance for any help that flows my way, and I am pleased to be a part of this good-looking site.

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