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New Member, That is in the proces of choosing between Kornit (breeze) and Brother (782)

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Hi all,

New here.
Dutch Living in Tunisia where i'm setting up a web based and local shop offering Print and enbroided goods.

Been in the Textiel industrie over 10Years. And I'm finaly taking the leap to start my own busniss.

The info i gathered here is overwelming and very very instructive. Hoop to find here ansers to various questions and hoop that in time i'll be abel to redo the favor.

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Hi Dave,

First step which i should advise to you is to check if there is service available for both brands.

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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!

To answer your question IMHO, I would choose the Brother 782 over the Kornit hands down, while both are gonna' cost you around $60k US, the fact that Brother has service centers all over the world, the Brother is a dual platen machine making it twice as efficient (or productive), and I may be wrong but I do think the Brother ink is cheaper than the Kornit, the breeze hasn't been on the market as long so there are a lot of unknowns about it's reliability.

Hope this helps.
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Hi John, jon,

Yes i did, and that s why it s a bit hard to decide. Here in Tunisia, Kornit is not represented, Brother is. So, you could say, it s obvious, Brother is there so.... BUT, after reading alot of stuff on the forum it s still not clear, there s an obvious 50/50 approval on both machines.

But like y said, it will be obvious to go for the one that is represented here on site.
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