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Hey Everyone,

Have been lurking on this forum for awhile and finally joined. I have been interested in starting my own T-shirt brand for many years and am finally taking the plunge. Currently at the stage of having some designs made up and will have samples printed out shortly to give away and get some feedback from friends etc.

I have 2-3 different brand ideas right now and may try them all or focus on just one for now.

One is 'adventure' based, whether that be riding motorcycles, racing old cars, climbing mountains, hiking, exploring, etc. The next is 'gym wear' t-shirts, and the last is Route 66 based.

I already run a non related successful business and have some free time but am potentially looking for a partner in this t-shirt business to help with designs and sales. Preferably based in the Los Angeles area.

Looking forward to learning here and participating in the conversations!

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