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NEW MEMBER --- Nurse & Confused

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Hi! I am a new member. Normally a nurse, but forced to retire at 54 due to medical. Would like to start online t shirt store to make an income. Cannot find Women's sizes 5X and higher blanks, wholesale. Been looking for a month. Any leads? Has anybody ever had their shirts manufactured in USA?

Thank you all!
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I can't help specifically with women's styles, but Hanes Beefy-T (5180) runs up to 6X in black, white, and one of the grays. Most other popular colors run up to 5X. They are ringspun cotton, so softer feeling than the similar cut from Gildan, or the like. Of course, a 6X men's is much larger than a women's, and cut differently, so not sure what the equivalent size would be. S&S stocks the full size range, many don't.

Also, you might check LAT. They have three women's size categories, each cut different. The "Curvy" might work. See their size chart PDF here:
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